An inspired place to call home

Loyal Garden is the neighborhood you wish you’d grown up in. The perfect place to raise your own children. And the community you can’t wait to be a part of. A combination of contemporary architecture and responsible design, both of which respect the beautiful natural setting, Loyal Garden is Bozeman’s newest and most inspired place to call home.

Set in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains—just beyond the hustle and bustle of downtown Bozeman—Loyal Garden is an extraordinary residential community developed by a team of people who saw a magnificent setting and set about creating the ideal neighborhood. Situated on an old farmstead with meandering creeks, towering pines and 360-degree views of the Gallatin Valley, Loyal Garden offers all the appeal of Montana with the myriad conveniences of in-town living.

From architecturally designed homes that proportionally suit the setting to broad sidewalks shaded by age-old spruce trees; from expansive parks with unique features developed to excite kids’ imaginations to elegant commercial spaces, every detail of Loyal Garden was developed to make life simpler, happier, better.